Tøyen Fil og Klafferi

This year and next year, I'll be busy making a new piece together with Ingrid Berger Myhre! It's a stage production titled No Dreams, No Gold, which will premiere at Rosendal Teater in 2025.

Lasse is a composer and a musician. Ingrid is a choreographer and a dancer. Their collaboration is often about finding new ways to articulate a working situation: where both operate as equal players, without having to be the same.

In 2019 Ingrid and Lasse made the performance Panflutes and Paperwork. Since the premiere at Theater Rotterdam it has been shown all over Europe. No Dreams, No Gold is their next stage production and takes trust and courage as thematic starting points for the performance: When does courageous amateurism become naive bravery? Can the promise of trust be an encouragement to fail confidently?

Ingrid and Lasse have different experience and perspective, but share the space of negotiation that arise when meeting in the periphery of their own expertise. Their friendship is an intrinsic part of their artistic material, which makes the work highly personal yet down to earth. With warmth and humor they contemplate the conventions in the performing arts, in order to learn more about what a choreographic language can contain.

Co-production: Kunstencentrum BUDA, Dansateliers Rotterdam, Bunker Ljubljana
Research residencies: DansiT, Davvi Senter for Scenekunst, Uferstudios / Tanzfabriek Berlin
Production: Caravan Production

Photo: Kim Jacobsen To

Quadratisch. Practisch. Gut. (WP 2022) - durata 25 min.

This year I've been writing a new piece for the ensemble Tøyen Fil og Klafferi (flute, clarinet, violin & cello). Thrilled to announce that it will premiere as part of Ultimas co-curated program at by:Larm 17 September 2022, in Oslo. Hope to see you there!

Tøyen Fil og Klafferi

Photo: Anna Julia Granberg


Cover, Ladies Night

Excited to announce the release of my new EP - Ladies Night. It’s a collection of songs that for many years have been part of my live-show, but that never fitted the mold of my singer/songwriter albums. Some of the tracks date all the way back to 2015, when I started to crush on electronic music with beats. Apart from a few overdubs, I did everything myself; recording and mixing - which certainly attributed to the DIY home-recording feel. And since I'm still playing these songs live, it must mean I'm still in love with them and that they still spark joy - so I thought it was about time to release this as a low-key EP. Photo credits to my dad :-)

Out for streaming 24th of June. Listen here.

Release gigs for Ladies Night:
12.08.21 'MIR' - Oslo (NO)
14.08.21 'Sniki Art Festival' - Tønsberg (NO)
21.08.21 'Gråbeinsfestivalen' - Oslo (NO)

Music video for god is in the nature

new album - sunwards

Nice review of Sunwards in Dagens Næringsliv by Audun Vinger:

DN Review

Head over to Sofa Songs Records to get a copy of the vinyl or CD. If you wanna stream the album you can find your prefered streaming platform here.

Panflutes and Paperwork

Trailer for Panflutes and Paperwork

About Panflutes and Paperwork

What does “dancing to music” really mean? And how do you create music for dance? In this duet, Ingrid Berger Myhre and Lasse Passage playfully examine the relationships between dance and music, using scores as tools to uphold structure over skill, method over indulgence. The title of their duet alludes to the contrast between the wet and the dry: Panflutes, on the one hand, are playful and passionate, Paperwork, on the other, refers to notation and sounds bureaucratic. The tensions between these states play well with tired conventions in the famous choreographer-composer constellation. With both tools at hand, Ingrid and Lasse invent games that re-negotiate their rule.

“When the form is in place, everything within it can be pure feeling” - A.Schöenberg

Conception and performance Ingrid Berger Myhre and Lasse Passage Nøsted Photos: Sara Anke Funded by Arts Council Norway Co-production Dansateliers Rotterdam (NL), Black Box Teater (NO), CSC Bassano Del Grappa (IT), WP Zimmer (BE) Supported by P.A.R.T.S. (BE), Rimi/Imir Senter for Scenekunst (NO) Moving Futures Festival (NL).