Computer Music - For Two Percussionists

Commission for SISU percussion ensemble, spring 2018.

By treating the keyboard as a tactile and percussive surface, the discrepancy between physical effort and digital output is highlighted in a game between which sounds we tend to ignore and which ones we perceive as musical objects.

Instrumentation: Mac Book Pro (OS X 10.9.1), Mac Book Pro (OS X 10.6.9). Durata: 15 min


Electroacoustic commission from NMK in 2016.

“Hei!” is an electroacoustic piece disguised as a hörspiel. The work unfolds on a meta-level between the process of making the piece and the piece itself. With post-electroacoustic irony, this fictional radio documentary gives us a glimpse of the trauma that can hit those that are getting too close to the real electroacoustic secrets.

Performed at New York International Electroacoustic Music Festival in 2017. Durata: 24 min.

Alpaca ensemble

Five Stones Pretending To Be Songs

Commission for Alpaca Ensemble, winter 2018. Durata: 20 min.

Five Stones Pretending To Be Songs explores the possibilities for merging folk with contemporary music. The work is arranged for microtonal organ, violin, cello, piano, percussion, electronics and myself as a performer with guitar and voice.

Premiere at Teaterhuset Avantgarden in Trondheim. An excerpt was also performed at Only Connect in Oslo May 2018.

Kitchen Orchestra


Commission for "Kitchen Orchestra", autumn 2017. Durata: 20 min.

A performative text-work that is exploring and challenging the expectations for improvised music and the conventions surrounding the genre. In a series of choreographed movement material, various spoken scenarios give us a glimpse into the range of possibilities of what could exist - addressing potentiality, self-reflection and doubt. 

Written for and in collaboration with Marius Munthe-Kaas, Dag Egil Njaa, Olav Stener Olsen, Didrik Ingvaldsen, Johan Egdetveit og Dominique Brackeva.

Ole Martin Huser

Nostalgi er ikke hva det en gang var

Piece for classical guitar and cassette-player. Commission for Ole Martin Huser-Olsen in 2016.

Kristine Tjøgersen

For Clarinet and Two Sinusoids

Piece for clainet and two physical-spatialised loudspeakers. Commission for Kristine Tjøgersen, 2014.



Commision for E7B piano, clarinet and flute and loudspeakers. Picture is from the WP in Durham, England - spring 2016.